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Planning your Adventure to Vancouver Island B.C.

BC Ferry going through Active Pass

Planning an adventure to Vancouver Island can be an exciting endeavor! Vancouver Island, located off the southwestern coast of Canada, is known for its stunning natural beauty, diverse landscapes, and vibrant communities. Here's a general guide to help you plan your trip


  • Getting There Depending on your location, you can reach Vancouver Island by ferry, plane, or a combination of both. The most common ferry route is from Tsawwassen (near Vancouver) to Swartz Bay (near Victoria).

  • Renting a Car  Having a car is beneficial for exploring the island, especially if you want to visit remote or less accessible areas.


  • Victoria  The capital city, known for its historic architecture, beautiful gardens (like Butchart Gardens), and vibrant arts scene.

  • Tofino and Ucluelet, Located on the west coast, these towns are famous for their rugged coastline, surfing opportunities, and Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.

  • Nanaimo A central hub with outdoor activities, a charming waterfront, and access to Newcastle Island.

  • Comox Valley Explore outdoor activities, local markets, and the nearby Mount Washington Alpine Resort

  • Hiking  Vancouver Island offers numerous hiking trails, from easy walks to challenging hikes. Consider exploring Strathcona Provincial Park.

  • Wildlife Watching   Depending on the season, you might spot whales, seals, sea lions, and a variety of bird species. Consider a whale-watching tour.

  • Kayaking Experience the island's coastline by kayaking in sheltered bays or along the rugged shores.







Cultural Experiences

  • First Nations Culture Learn about the rich indigenous cultures on the island. Consider visiting the Royal BC Museum in Victoria.

  • Local Cuisine Try seafood, locally sourced dishes, and explore the island's craft breweries and wineries.





  • Pack Accordingly  Be prepared for varying weather conditions. Coastal areas can be wet, so waterproof gear is advisable. You can find all the gear you need here

  • Check Local Events ,Depending on the time of year, there may be festivals, markets, or cultural events taking place. 


   Emergency Preparedness

  • Emergency Contacts Save important numbers, including local emergency services and your country's embassy or consulate.


  • Leave Room for Spontaneity While planning is essential, allow for flexibility to discover unexpected gems and make the most of your adventure


Remember to tailor your plans based on your interests and preferences. Enjoy your adventure on Vancouver Island!

killer whales playing aroung vancouver island
Beautiful BC sunrise over a BC Ferry
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